It starts in the kitchen

My love for food and passion for cooking has consumed my life over the past 30 years. I have cherished every moment of it, the creative side, pushing the boundaries of unique food combinations, the excitement when a dish just rocks; you know you have got the balance just right. You can’t wait to serve it to some one just to see their reaction. There are the hours and hours of preparation in the kitchen that goes into it, the best part of the whole process is the assembly of all the ingredients, and to see your mental creation unfold into reality and the dish is served.

The creative passion for food is something I will never be able to subdue, it’s so fulfilling, it pulls me away from reality as I enter this different world of flavour, smells and textures. But my life has somewhat changed over the past year, I no longer spend every day, hour after hour in my restaurant kitchen. I find myself like many others caught up in the hectic rush of the business world and my day just evaporates and on top of this I also have a ridged training program to prepare myself for my next adventure.

I get home in the evening with little time to spare and a family to feed. I look at my kitchen longingly, so much to prepare but I no longer have the staff, facilities and most importantly time.

I have found a way to satisfy my passion and need to be creative in the little time that I have left to unwind and get into that zone to prepare that ultimate meal. Its simple let someone else do the prep work, chop the vegetables, clean the fish, trim the meat make the sauce and so on it goes. Its simple take a new creative look at how you can assemble some of the great convenience food available to you.

There are no intricate recipes, and all the rest, just a to do list and simple instruction of how to assemble the meals and create memorable dishes.

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