Setting-up for the “Send- off.”

It was 10 in the morning and Andy and I had arranged with Harry de Witt, the CEO of Fresenius Asia Pacific region, to go for a 10 km run.

We set out towards the Olympic park where we have been running every day. As we got outside the hotel, we were shocked, we could hardly see ahead of us, the temperature had dropped a little and the pollution seemed to just be hanging in the air. It was horrific, with less than 200 metres visibility as we ran down the fan walk to the park at the end. On reaching the park we took the shorter route. The haze seemed to be a little better amongst the trees.

Even with the haze, it was actually beautiful as we ran.

All the cherry trees were now in full blossom, not a leaf in sight but just a mass of sweet smelling pink and white blossoms. The light scent seemed to help counteract the horrific smog that was choking the city. We ran across a small lake, and on rounding the bend on the large decking walkway we could make out this white structure breaking through the smog, it was not there yesterday. As we got closer, I realised what was going on. The rigging crews were beginning the build of our staging and press briefing area for the send-off event.

I could honestly not believe what I was looking at. I remember Andy looking at me and saying.

“Uncle D hope you have brought your A-game.”

I looked at Harry and mentioned the enormity of what was unfolding in front of us, leading up to the event and remember him saying. “This is China, they know how to organise an event.”

I was now part of this groundswell and seeing it unfold with my very own eyes.

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