Shine on me you crazy diamonds

Tuesday, 08 July 2008waves

Our day had ended on the Farm Brazil. Here we met a really special family, Rocky, his wife Karen and their little daughter Jesse (who was asleep at the time). We were invited into there home situated and one of the most picturesque points of the coast. Rocky has been diving and surfing the coast for some 10 years in the Klein see area.

He had started out his career at the diving camp called Noup some 30km down the coast from Brazil. Karen eventually joined up with him and they lived in a caravan attached to a hut for about 5 years at Noup, then getting his new concession they moved to the farm Brazil. Here he build this beautiful timber palace
A home of character, colour, peace and harmony, a little black timber diamond on this harsh desolate west coast. Surrounding the home lies a scattered collection of both their art works which have been created as day upon day they sit staring out at the sea waiting for the swell to subside that Rocky can head out to sea and get to work scouring the ocean floor for the prized jewel. Just above high water mark is a stone carving of a figurine done by Rocky, it looks like an inmate from Easter island that is now staring over the waters as a good omen guarding their bay.


As soon as the weather clears, Rocky then launches his boat and is out to seek his fortune as he walks the ocean beds with his giant Hoover hoping to suck up just that one special crumb that has been dropped by father time. Hour after hour as he sucks the gravel from the sea bed, hoping that one beam of light shining through the water from above will strike the exact spot and a prism of light will explode on the ocean bed erupting into a magnitude of sparkling diamonds.

How we all tend to chase just that one break in life, that break that will set us up for good. The more we listen to the tales of the big strikes, the more reality hits home. Nothing comes easy the harder you work the luckier you get.

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