All the recipes were milling around in my head as I slowly walked to the breakfast room to meet up with Di and Claire. My mind racing and checking, what have I forgotten? Have I prepped everything? Then there was also the news that I had to break to Claire. Especially after yesterdays little trip, anyway I thought, walk in to breakfast and get it over with, just tell her.

I walked up to Claire and said, “Claire, there is something I have to tell you” ( you should of seen her look of shock). I came straight out with the revelation, “Clare I am not going to drive today, I’ve given the car back to Avis”.

The initial puzzled look changed to joy as she punched the air, Yes, Yes she shouted out. I’m going to make it to the show.

We all piled into Di’s car and off to the studio (by the way Di nearly took out the pole at the hotel entrance). Paul was there with his mountain of ingredients and we immediately began the setup. I don’t think you can visualise what a studio looks like before a shoot – a bit of a mess, but suddenly it all comes together. We sorted out all ingredients into the cooking sequence, tested the gear and we were ready.

The camera and lighting guys arrived with about 40 minutes to go and suddenly everything began to take real shape and a little nerves were added into the mix I’d say. Then came the “Polly Filer and Paint call”. The make up slot. Off we went to meet up with Bev who was to transform me into a 20 year younger edition. Claire was transformed with ease, but alas!, layer after layer, on and on Bev toiled ,finally someone called time, she did her best!

A jovial voice arrived in the room, out of all things, looking for gaffer tape to hold her head scarf together, it was Noleen. What a pleasant easy going person, down to earth and she immediately put me at ease. Off we scurried the two minutes to camera action was called. Lined up behind the cooking station, ready to roll, l could now feel the heat of the lights baking down on me.

There was the 10 second countdown and away we went. Noleen did the intro and Clare and I were away. Noleen quietly chatting and asking questions. The time just flew as we created dish after dish, there was the odd little hitch, forgotten ingredient and the odd time overrun which ended up with Noleen very quickly penalising us with time on the next dish. It was quite an experience juggling the dishes, creating unnoticed little tweaks in the dish to get it to work before you get the nudge and glare from Noleen and you know that sections time is up ! Its then onto the home straight, the dessert dishes Noleen’s eyes lit up as we turned really tasty Woolies desserts into visual treats. Finally as I put the glass of warm trifle down, we made it with a minute to spare. 10 dishes from scratch in 40 minutes, I could not of done it with out all the Woolworths convenience food most of the work was done for us.

I think we proved if you need to create a special meal, you are in a rush from work, basically the family is waiting for dinner as you get home. There is only one person to partner in the Kitchen,Woolworths.

Check out the show at 3-30 today on SABC3

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