Snow falls

Its late afternoon and the sky has a grey haze hanging low over the mountains, looking threatening as it begins to darken.

There has been this afternoon wind that slowly picks up after midday, blowing in from the North West. It is icy and eats right into your bones as you run. There is no respite and no way that you can get away from it. It does not help to put on too many layers of clothing otherwise when you run you begin to sweat and this just makes you colder when you slow down. All that you can do is just keep pushing on to build up enough body heat that you stop shivering, keep it in the sweet spot – sounds easy.

The temperature begins to drop hour by hour as the evening draws closer. Andy keeps feeding back our position to Jimmy in the team that they know how close we are to the rendezvous point. We have already had two close shaves and don’t need another now. The first few snowflakes come majestically tumbling down from the heavens, looking so dainty angelic and harmless as they seesaw down to the ground and disappear within seconds, only to be followed by more. The wind is now gusting, each gust seems to bite deeper into your body. Your face begins to sting from the cold and your fingers are now taking strain. The worst are our feet. We have normal running shoes with thin socks. The gauze mesh covering our feet is for venting the shoe, no insulation from the cold. Slowly they begin to go numb, you lose feeling in parts of your feet and it feels as if you are running with wooden blocks on your feet, but on we must push, we must meet the crew before dark and get extracted out of this.

Down the snow comes, the temperature on the ground is now cold enough for the snow not to melt as the flakes slowly join and mat the soil with this white silk covering.

It’s just 5 km to go!!

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