Swamp land

It’s raining now, as it has been for the past few weeks. The humidity builds and builds like a bad mood, clouds begin to gather as the temper explodes with bolts of lightning thrashing left and right as all duck for cover. The growl of thunder becomes deafening as the clouds blacken and roll in, sucking the last of the sunshine, bringing an early twilight gloom to the valley and the tears and pressure is released as the rain cascades down. Massive drops explode into the red clay soil. Saturated from the weeks of rain. The water just lies and gathers in volume. Within Minutes Rivers, pools and lakes form as the soil rejects every drop, it can’t absorb any more. There is nowhere to go in this flat basin between the mountains so the water just lies and quietly gurgling between the vegetation as it rots.

Slowly the water just rises and rises. Eventually the rain passes, leaving fields of shimmering quivering water every where. As the sun peaks back through the clouds burning its a way back in order to continue its relentless bake of the red soil, so the water heats up and provides a perfect platform for every type of vegetation to flourish and with this the millions of insects appear as the water slowly bubbles and brews away. Beneath the surface the vegetation rots, loosening the red soil, turning it into slush that now soaks up the water like a sponge.

Again the rain rolls in and continues its relentless onslaught turning the whole area into a rich nutrient grass land to the eye, but underfoot a dangerous trap of disease and stagnant water that eventually becomes a no-mans land impassable on foot and a dangerous sea of infestation and fever, waiting to prey on you.

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