Take time to reassess

Every one of us has at some time been faced with a situation that you feel that there is no way round, no way out; you just don’t have a solution to what lies ahead and how to get around it. So often we as individuals are the biggest obstacle in solving this and secondly it’s often the solution or the preconceived plan that we have that you feel is the only way to go about it, is such a big part of the coping and solving the issue. You need to be flexible look at other options.

A journey like this puts me in these situations on a daily basis. I will be faced with a massive obstacle, I think that i have worked out how is the best way to get around it, but when I am up close and faced with it, my idea just does not work. I am forced to sit back re look and rethink my situation, often having to turn back loosing valuable time and distance, but it’s the only way that I can ultimately move on.

In find in day to day life we so often are faced with similar situations, but because of the pressures we face from the way of life we are trapped in ,we will not back down, will not cut back, sit back for a while rethink and reassess life. Take a cut on our status for a while, regroup and then try again. Because of this inability to take things logically and slowly, we so often face failure. Instead of thinking about the essence and value of a simple life, we fall foul to the pressure of the treadmill of material life and what position and status this will buy us.

“What will they think of me if I have to downgrade my car?”. We get worried about what people will think of us instead of finding a balance between quality, and a meaningful life.

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