Thailand Power of Ten Update -31 Oct

Daily feasts.

We had spent most of the first day when we landed buying cooking gear.

Tables, chairs, gas cooker, the odd pot, wash-up bowls etc.

What a wasted exercise, (blew a sum of our precious budget).

With most of these adventures getting food is such a mission. Thailand, what a pleasure, down every little rural road, around any street corner in the smallest village there is someone cooking food. Juicy tasty chicken kebabs, beef and rice meatballs grilled on little roadside “Braais.” slabs of pork belly.

It’s a quick stop; sit for half an hour, chill out, have a meal and on you go. Then come to the end of the long day totally exhausted sopping wet from the massive thunderstorms, all you want to do in the evening is eat and rest. We quickly have a bucket shower and walk down the street of the nearest village, just look for a few tables and chairs under a roof and you are guaranteed whatever you get to eat is going to be wholesome and tasty.

To just sit there and watch the world go by, the street buzzing with folk scurrying from the fields and getting a few supplies and a takeaway meal on the way home. Life passes by as the sun begins to set and it just seems to evaporate as the streets empty and the shops close – what a surreal world, but a real world; incredible people all living in harmony.

Did I say it was hot?

Another day of 8 on the Heat Richter scale. It just drained Andy and I. The sun was burning Andy badly, so on top of dealing with this heat he had to run in a long sleeve shirt for protection against the sun. Wherever we run there are massive water canals on one and sometimes both sides of us. We are very tempted to dive in, but at the moment the quality is still a bit suspect, and there is one bigger deterrent. We took a cut across a big rice paddy and a section of bush next to the canal. Quietly and carefully watching where to tread because of snakes, the next thing there is this massive splash right next to us. I don’t know what its called but its was the biggest water lizard I have ever seen.

Both Andy and I bolted out of the bush. This “thing” was about 2 meters in length and it just went bounding over under and around the reeds and water plants like a bulldozer with its head sticking up watching us with serious attitude. So – That’s it with canal dunking for the moment; I will just have to get used to the heat.

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