Thailand Ultra and the Power of 10 pt2

There is the saying, the stars are aligned or beginning to align – but not only the stars, then there is the numerical side as well.
In the Asian countries numbers play a big part in people’s lives; superstition, luck, back home here in SA as well, there is always that lurking no 13 – and don’t let it happen on a Friday. So what does this mean when all of these come together at once? Well I feel it’s all beginning to happen around me, but in a different context, not for a reason of some mystical power of good fortune but in more good concrete way.
The power of 10 is the beginning a celebration of the past 10 years, a journey of a  life fulfilling adventure of passion, the zest for life and the internal yearning to somehow make a difference in some way.
So the numbers have come rolling in. It’s been 10 years, 10 adventures; nearly 10 million raised in funds and through these efforts. Fellow South African joining me and donating funds have made it possible for nearly 2000 children to received corrective facial surgery through Operation Smile. So let’s rewind to that first step all those years ago.

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