Thailand Ultra and the Power of 10 pt3

Looking back over my shoulder, through the dust at the fading footprints that I have left across this planet – the rugged mountains that I have climbed crested with snow caps and clothed in spinney shale. Proud they stand in the morning light as the clouds clear and how new they look washed by the passing storm and soothed by winds.
I tumbled down these wet slippery rocks, sliding and crashing into its unforgiving might, winded and broken.
I have managed to stand up and take another step.
Rivers have swept me away in fear turning and tumbling as I gasp for breath, terrified that it might be my last.
But on a different day these same now tranquil waters have soothed my weary body. The relentless sun has scorched and burnt my very skin that it swells and pops with the desert heat.

Day in and day out it has drawn my very resolve to near submission.
Then this very same heat has on other days brought life and warmth to my freezing body as the night breaks into a crisp day. Staggering into the warmth of a ray I scream at the sun just thankful to be alive.
So often I have stared at the tranquil ocean as it quietly massages the shore line, bringing peace, harmony and life to so many. I have also seen the other side of the mother ocean, away from land in any direction rolling on her belly and suddenly it turns on you; 7 meter waves relentlessly crash down on you, choking bewildered and lost life turns dark as the salt water burns your lung with every breath.
The mind screams and screams as panic sets in. Yes, this is life on the road.

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