The alarm

The alarms continuous buzz finally roused my subconsciousness; I leaped out of bed so frightened that I would oversleep. This was the day, there is no turning back. The small warm bundle lying snugly against me moved and murmured, an arm shot out feeling its way around until it located the dummy, straight into the mouth it went followed by a content sucking noise as Jade fell back into her Rem sleep. I leaned over and gave this little bundle a hug and a kiss on the cheek; it would be months before I would hold her lovingly in my arms again.

I walked over to Xander’s (my sons) room and switched on the light to wake him.

“Come come, its 3:15. We have to leave by 3:45 for the airport and collect Hamish on the way.”

I bounced around in the shower, my mind awash with the realisation that the day had now come. Nervousness was setting in and that fear of the unknown that always hits me just before an event, was slowly taking grip of my emotions.

I awoke my wife Lizelle to say my goodbye; she had basically just got home at 2:30 after locking up the restaurant at Pampoenkraal. Once again a reminder and this enforces what loved ones and friends around us actually do for one on a daily basis. I now think back, walking out the door with my son and looking at her standing there, holding a smile and wishing me well on the journey – will I every know what she has to go through over the next few months, maintaining the home and business alone.

This journey is not just mine; there are so many giving up so much, as we hold a common goal, to some how make a difference.

To all of you, thanks

“Lets make this journey count.”

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