The ‘Bog’ stops

This is always one of the big challenges that one faces on the road.

You never know when you are going to have a call of nature; therefore, there is no planned strategy. If you are out there at the top of the mountain along the wall – wow you have a toilet with a view.

The problem is when the wall comes down a valley or runs into a town, or when there is no wall or an area that is too dangerous that you must run through a few villages. This out of all places is when the body decides it needs to release, not just now, but right now.

Your eyes grow bigger as the panic hits you; you are in the middle of a town, a large one. There are always people everywhere. You quickly begin to scan for a side road that might lead to a plot of vacant land. But there is just nothing, and then you scan for building sites, a deserted building. Dam, at this stage anything will do.

By now your pace has picked up, you have sweat on the brow and you are doing the ‘Bog Dance.’ It’s now minutes to blowing, you are biting your lip and thinking of the worst; “am I going to shit myself?”

Suddenly you feel everyone is watching you as you frantically look for a spot. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted my chance, a steel rubble tip at a building site. I didn’t care anymore, I basically vaulted into it.

A few minutes later I climbed out with a few workmen looking at me, on I sauntered off to catch up with Andy.

Just another day on the road.

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