The cow finally loses it

I have been watching the cow with much interest over the past few months. I must admit I still do have a few unanswered questions, but there is one thing that does stand out with this sacred beast. It is so chilled. There is absolutely nothing that manages to fluster a cow. From quietly walking through the manic traffic of Bombay or crossing an intergalactic 6 lane freeway with trucks and busses flying past hooters blaring the chilled beast will still just wall along the freeway grazing on the odd plastic bag or carton. There are even those down south who just walk into shops, especially bakeries and just help themselves to a bread roll as the shop keeper goes ballistic trying to chase the cow out. No, not until he has had his roll, he stands firm.

It was round midday and I was running into this small village which was a hive of activity. It was Sunday and the weekly mixed market was in full swing, awash with the colours of the woman all dressed up for the occasion. There was a bustle as everyone chatted and bartered for goods.

Across the road was the fish section, I wandered off to see this. It was the prawns that really interested me, maybe if there were some big ones, I could call the crew and imagine what dinner could turn out to be. Totally engrossed in the search, but I could hear the hooting going a bit ballistic behind me. I turned to have a look. I could not believe what I saw. The traffic was backed up in both directions, it had come to a total stand still and everyone was just hooting. There in the middle of the road were two cows, not chilling, but having a serious head butting session.

The whole market had now actually come to a stand still and everyone was watching this, pointing and laughing as if this was a unique occurrence. Back and forth the cows moved banging heads, interlocking horns and snorting as the pushed each other, slipping and sliding on the road. Then suddenly the one cow lost it, reared up on its hind legs and smashed into its opponent, pushing it off the road and onto the gravel in a cloud of dust, people were now running in every direction as the fight ensued down the gravel track in a massive dust cloud.

For a split second the cow relented on his attack giving his opponent a chance to fight back. He turned reared and hit is opponent side on in the ribs catching him by surprise and winding him, he stumbled and rolled, but scrambled to his feet and hit back, but now things were out of control as the hit the edge of the market, through the clothing stands they went and into the vegetables, tables, fruit and people flying everywhere.

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