The first crew meeting.

It was an hour by taxi to William and Qi, we were invited for an early dinner plus a crew meeting and briefing of what lies ahead.
We arrived at Williams home to a great welcome, a meeting of old friends. A chitter chatter and a beer. Then the doorbell rang, and I could hear voices down the passage and then I heard the unmistakable voice of Lung-ah, the team leader from the last run. He was once again taking on the role of heading up the expedition. This was shortly followed by another piece of the puzzle, Piau arrived to great cheers, he was also on the last event. It was like old times as we reminisced about the last run; the good, bad and the rest. What a fantastic team we have. The only new addition is William’s oldest son Jimmy who is now a young seasoned adventurer, being nurtured and weaned on wall stories following in the footsteps of his father from a very young age.
It was a fantastic catch up and then bang, reality hit as Qi (Qi is William’s wife who is the organisational backbone of the events) took control and the briefing began.
We got the run-down of what lies ahead; a lot of don’ts, a few maybe and basically its going to be day-by-day and we will take what is thrown at us day by day. It’s going to be unpredictable from every aspect.
Then we were summoned to the dinner table by Qi. What a spread. Salads, Garlic Broccoli, chili beef mince with red beans. A penne pasta dish – then the biggest oven backed potatoes I have seen in years and a lovely coleslaw. This was then followed by Williams homemade apple cake that he had baked himself, served with a dollop of ice-cream.
To say we rolled out there is an understatement.

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