The Indian cow

When I arrived in India, I knew nothing about life here. I had purposely read up noting on the religions nor the different cultures, I do this with all my journeys, i want to go in with an open mind, I don’t want a skewed approach that I have got from some other persons perception of a country. I want to experience it in my own way and then make an assumption first hand. So, this leaves me with my introduction to the cow, and I am sure that I will be writing a lot more about this animal as my journey unfolds.

I have seen these animals in the most amazing places basically doing exactly what they please ,they seem in their own way to know that they can do exactly what they want to where and when they so feel.

I have heard and learnt that the cow is regarded as sacred in the Hindu religion. People will not eat beef and treat cows with utmost respect, I have seen and experienced this, but through my western viewpoint, I find this difficult to understand. Especially when there is a 4 lane freeway and there in the middle of it are 3 cows grazing on the asphalt, what they are eating only they will know. There is chaos going on around them, trucks cars and bikes swerving in every direction trying to avoid them. Then one will finally decide that this is the correct place to sit down for the afternoon. I have seen a few horrific accidents cased by these very same cattle wondering onto the road. One happened 80 meters in front of me when a cow walked into the freeway and got hit by a car that went catapulting of the road and down and embankment, the occupants miraculously survived. On getting out, the poor dazed driver was then assaulted by a few people gathered on the side of the road for hitting the cow. I have come running into a town and there are cattle every where, causing major traffic snarls, no one is really freaking, just hooting, driving up pavements, and over each other to avoid the cattle.

However I must admit on the odd day that I have felt sore and tired from running, I have sat down on the road with the odd cow and had a chat to try and understand more, the one day I even lay down next to and used as a pillow, talking over my shoulder to it trying to understand more about this complexed issue. I am sure that this story has a lot to expand on as the journey unfolds

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