The start leg 2

What a build up it’s been, just to get to this desolate barren godforsaken lost point of Madagascar. Eight days of travel, trouble, emotional turmoil and the long legged chicken belly, finally the most southern tip. Looking around, there is nothing. Civilisation has forgotten about this not hot, boiling cauldron of sand with the odd bush bubbling to the surface, just nothing. No water no roads, just the odd tribesman that move around at night and the early hours of the morning, the rest of the day the just slow roast the day away until it becomes cool enough to move again.

I made way along the cliff to the southern tip, perched on this sandstone cliff I looked down at the ocean heaving below, knowing only too well what it is capable off. I turned and looked up at Nick perched a few hundred metres away filming.

Excited to finally begin this long journey. Deep down was a nervousness and fear of what this harsh land was going to hold for me. I stepped forward, the sandstone crumbling under my feet as I trundled up the hill. With every beginning of a journey so much seems to go through my mind when I begin.

I have thought a lot about the trip, not what I am going through, but what my family has gone through, my wife Lizelle, and my children. Jessica, Xander Tamlin and little Jade. They have never stood in my way when I have planned an adventure, just supported me. I owe them so much for the strength that they give me.

To my family and friends, thank you for being there, you are always in my mind and give me that strength when I need it.

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