The will to change

On the outset of this epic journey, I never thought that it would have such an impact on me, nor others involved in the project. I don’t think that you can undertake such an adventure if you don’t have the ability and will to change. To be rigid and inflexible would spell disaster in a team. To be together for such a long period of time, as well as endure the hardships, and add into the mix 4 different cultures and languages, that’s what we have in this team.

All is always rosy in the beginning, (I think this goes for most things in life) but then the personalities and temperaments emerge, with this comes the problems, which we have had our fair amount of. There has been days of tension, which have been unpleasant, but the one thing that we have worked out in this team is that everyone has been prepared to look at themselves, and listen to criticism and the most important thing, been prepared to work at their problems and change their ways for the better of the team. We have emerged as a united unit with the common goal in mind – succeed for our children.

I have had hours running on my own, thinking. The longer it’s been the deeper the thought process, analysing my own situation and life, yes, I have made mistakes, and some have hurt others, some not. I feel it’s never too late to make changes; it only gets harder the older you are. It’s like a slope that gets steeper with age, much easier just to slide back down to where you were than persevere and climb on up with change.

“Don’t do it for yourself, it’s for the loved ones around you they deserve it” a little change goes a long way.

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