Those days

I am sitting in my tent this evening, it’s been another grind of a day, everyday is hard, as the distance builds up so the harder the days become. It’s not only the running, it’s the behind the scenes of the media that I also have to work at in order to share this journey with all following and ultimately to create awareness for the foundation and the Kids.

But as I lie here, I must admit, I am feeling it inside. It hurts in that little spot that we all sometimes feel, it’s weird but today that little spot is my weak spot. Man I do miss everything. My kids, my wife, I miss them so much, my little grandson whom I have not yet met. There is so much that has passed me by over that past months, that I have not been able to be part of, it hurts. One sometimes questions, what am I doing here, I feel so alone, cut off in this strange land where life just seems to be evaporating around me. Each day feels just like canvasses of strange blank faces that stare at you as you pass through their lives, in that split second, in a flash you are forgotten as they bend down and carry on with their lives.

I have been through this before, we all have, it’s here that one must sit back and realise that making a difference is worth it, it’s worth the loneliness, the pain and suffering is only temporary. Making a difference is permanent.

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