Time out there

It is as if I am afloat out here, my umbilical cord to life that I am so accustomed to and know seems to be cut. Gone is my language, culture and daily life that I have taken for granted, this has all been taken away in a flash. Hour after hour as I trundle these untrodden paths of this wild and mysterious island, so I seem to drift further and further into the reality of what a simple life is really like. Time alone out there to think and look at life as it slowly unfolds, as each day pencils another line of facts at my feet.

One is so used to the mass of accumulated paraphernalia that has become such a part of every day life. Here it is gone, I have nothing except the basics, and how quickly one manages to adapt. It’s not just on a personal level, but the reality is plain to see in the daily life of the islanders. There are no luxuries, only the essentials that are needed in order to survive, any thing extra becomes a burden. Every one has a task and purpose in the chain of events that make up a day. Life revolves around firstly, today, then once that is taken care of, tomorrow is the next hurdle.

Have we over complicated life and our visions of what tomorrow should be like, or are we just so busy accumulating for tomorrow that we have forgotten to live and appreciate today?

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