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wavesSaturday, 23 August 2008

It’s been over six weeks on the road, weeks that have just evaporated along with the kilometre of coastline. Although it’s winter, we have not escaped the harsh African sun, there is the winter reminder, a constant peppering of rain and the undertone of cold that seems to creep into our bones. A journey that has been physical and mentally draining in many ways, but I know the difficult part starts now as our bodies tire. If there is one thing that I take from this journey to date it’s the people of the shore line. Because of this trip I have been drawn into many a community, many a home and had a peek into the lives of fellow South Africans I would normally not have met.

Its heart warming to see what lies at the core of our country. There is a solid rock foundation of caring giving concerned people , networks of society that go unnoticed, just churning away making sure that those around them are looked after. Day after day, giving of their time, un-thanked and unpaid but in the interest of their fellow countrymen.

Children that I have met along the coast, out there fundraising for us, helping make our journey count. Elderly folk who hardly get by on their meagre earnings, but still, contributing, communities standing together and contributing.

It gives me such hope and inspiration to see this, that no matter how the odds are stacked there is such positivity out there and a willingness to make it better. I can’t hide from the fact that there is a massive amount to be done and not all is going well, that I have experienced first hand as well.

I really feel that there is a slow steady cohesion of people of all walks of life, finding a common cause to make this country a better place. I believe that each one of us can make a small difference and collectively we can change a lot. “To all of you unsung heroes, thank you!”

Positivism is not just living for today, but thinking about and looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer.

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