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I always remember when I got back from my first massive run – The Great wall of China. I was sitting with Prof Wayne Derman, not in a good space, feeling a bit of the post event depression, needing to talk and find out how to deal with this. He quietly said to me, “David, you have to plant a peg up there and aim for it, but first you have to work over the effects of your last event first – Go and write a book” he said.

Well I did just that and that’s the advice I have always followed ever since. Guess what I have just finished my book on Madagascar ‘Burnt Vanilla’ (my third book now to be released in July) and have brought closure to that journey.

Now here I find myself sitting in Mumbai of all places, No not to watch the IPL, but to meet up with a business associate of my sponsors to see how we are going to help set up to finalise, my next solo run – 4500 km across India from the most Northern temple in Cashmere to the Southern temple.

Its my first trip to India. I landed at 1-00 in the morning, 25 degrees and drove for 1 Hour to my hotel winding through the streets of this massive city of 21 million people in total disbelief to what was unfolding in front of me, but I think the biggest shock was the realisation that my longest journey of all was now only months away. I sat just staring at the lights of the city flashing by as the cab driver jumped red Traffic light after red traffic light. Nothing seemed to matter as the reality slowly dawned on me,

“Don’t go looking for India, India will find you”

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