You want to make…

The scenery has been getting better by the day since we have entered Rajasthan; this has helped with the running, taking my mind off the road. The villages have also become sparser, smaller, poorer, but richer in heritage, architecture and natural beauty. It was just one of these villages that Andy and I had just run into. I was explaining to him where to eat, as through experience gained on the journey so far, I had found out that the best place to eat was the shop that made home made sweets, for some reason they were always the cleanest and made the best food. Dam, some how my formula had let me down in this village as this guy did not do food, only sweets, so we split up and each went looking to see if we could find a spot. Eventually Andy called me, he had found one. Off I trotted to meet up.

I left Andy sitting on the bench outside the shop, I went around the corner to do my stretches, get the morning run out of my legs. Quite a crowd had assembled round him as they normally do in these little towns. He was talking cricket in broken sentences (you just need to say Jacques Kallis and you get a massive roar of approval, you are an instant hero and the path is now open). I took quite a while getting through my stretch routine, on my return, the crowd was quite large and very on top of Andy by now, I pushed in and demanded a bit of space as they reluctantly dispersed so that we could peacefully share our slice of deep-fried bread with the flies.

Andy had a bit of a puzzled look on his face. I was not quite sure what was going on. We had hardly finished and he said let’s go, looking a bit agitated.

I was a bit confused but got up and off we walked down the road and out of the village, with the normal little group following us. Andy turned pointing to the group of guys and said that’s him. I asked “What are you talking about?” He then said, “Dude, you are not going to believe this.”

This guy had sidled up to Andy, asking him if he was married, and so on the conversation went, the pros and cons of marriage and the rest. Then things got a bit strange Andy said, so he brushed the guy off, but he came back and continued the conversation. Eventually Andy told him to get lost, but back he came again even more persistent this time. Andy said that this time he came up really close, rubbing his groin onto his knee and whispered into his ear
“You want to make fancy with me”.

I could not contain my laughter any more, as a red-faced Andy chased me down the road.

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