Burn out

The crew had set up camp on a stretch of beach, this was one of our first opportunities to sleep in such a beautiful surrounding. The ocean lapping in front of us and behind us we were shaded by dense palm groves. The best about the camp was that it was a desolate piece of coastline, just a little village a few kilometers away, for the rest it was just us and nature.

The dusk was drawing closer, the evening on shore breeze had picked up, providing the fishermen with their natural power to sail home with their day’s catch. We were just settling down for our evening meal. Our tents were up and we ready to bid the day farewell. I stretched back and just absorbed the beauty around me. Twisting my tired sore feet into the cold sand, stretching my body back releasing the stiffness and pain in my mussels as I slowly wound down after the days run and my body began let the tiredness slowly switch off my mind and invite in the sleep.

Suddenly my quiet transformation into the dream world was shattered. A little van had pulled into the cove about 50m from where we were camped. There was a wave of voices that floated over followed by the noise of wood and planking being unloaded. The intensity of the noise grew, then a few motor cycles arrived and there was a hive of activity going on next to us, all of this seemed to be around the packing of the wood into a large stack, as the last few rays of sunlight disappeared. Finally another small van arrived with more wood as well as a distorted bundle that was taken over to the stack of wood. The bustle now reached a climax as the stack of wood seemed to be completed.

A faint red glow began to claw its way out of the darkness next to us, slowly beginning to grow into massive flames leaping and clawing at the night, growing up out of the darkness throwing huge baskets of sparks into the night sky as the fire cracked away, planks bursting under the intense heat and spewing more sparks into the endless night. The fire raged on growing with intensity, but with this a silence had fallen on the group now sitting on their haunches just staring into the flames. The glow had now driven back the darkness around us, dosing us with bursts of light, heat and wafts of choking smoke.

The strange happening was just too much for us, so we walked over to the group to find out what was going on, maybe get some sort of answer. On arriving at the group there was a strange calm as fisher folk quietly looked up at us, said nothing, turning their heads they carried on staring at the flames.

Sometimes one really does not need an explanation or and answer. I turned and walked away, a bit shocked at first, but then thinking to myself, what better place can one find to send off a friend and say farewell as he travels to the next life.

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